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Learn. Change. Thrive.

Welcome to Blue Grid Partners.

We help leaders

transform human capabilities,

to unlock new possibilities

for their organization.

cross the boundary between inner wishes and new realities.

Who We Are

Blue Grid Partners is a change leadership consulting firm built by organizational development & change professionals. We specialize in the application of psychological research and frameworks that help leaders and teams experience culture and program changes as journeys of meaningful growth. We deliver expertise in channeling the powerful forces of reflection and belonging to unlock human potential and enterprise success. This optimization of human capability has come to life in our work with clients in corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. We pursue this work knowing that it is complex, challenging, and aligned with the kind of worthwhile impact we wish to make alongside our client partners. 

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What We Do

Blue Grid practice is shaped by research, professional experience, and real-life perspective, in service of our guiding question: "How could we help people experience their organization's desired change as a meaningful journey?" We examine this question through our three service lenses: Learn, Change, and Thrive



Much of organizational life happens underneath the surface. Mixed feelings about a business transformation, relationship tensions that impede effective collaboration, or limited self-awareness or psychological safety: these are forces that affect how you and I show up in the world. Learning about them opens up new possibilities. Blue Grid offers individual and organizational assessments to learn current reality and help shape future narratives.

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Organizations leverage many different models and approaches to manage change, yet 70% of these initiatives fail in achieving their desired outcomes. This rate has a costly impact on financials, and a corrosive effect on performance. We understand what drives the 30% of successful changes, and embed those drivers in the design of change plans that includes readiness, effective inclusion, implementation, and reflection. This gives the change meaning.

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Bringing to life new ways of thinking, working, and contributing is rarely linear, often messy, and never quite final. This is especially true now, as groups confront new needs to evolve frequently. We bring proven methods that help leaders and teams generate practices that engage people in pursuing and sustaining change. This reframes "change" as a driver of personal and enterprise growth, by helping people become the best version of themselves.

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