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Our Start

Blue Grid Partners was founded in 2019 by Rafael Pérez (he, him, el) after more than 25 years as a human resource professional. His life journey has brought him to formative collaborations with colleagues in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


By drawing from business disciplines such as talent acquisition, people analytics, human capability strategy, organization design, talent management, and DEI, he has worked with leaders and teams across different sectors, to architect and implement solutions to complex needs.


These experiences have given him insight into the challenges of leading and enacting change in organizations, and the difference that dignity and true belonging make in the success or failure of such efforts. After years of studying these psychological and leadership dynamics through in-practice observations and formal studies, Rafael now pursues his purpose of bringing that difference into organizations, and to the people that power them.


Rafael holds an MA degree in Organizational Psychology (concentration in Change Leadership) from Columbia University Teachers College, and a Bachelors degree in Industrial & Labor Relations (concentrations in HR Management and Organizational Behavior) from Cornell University.

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Rafael Pérez
Founder & Principal
Blue Grid
 Partners, LLC

Our Team

Blue Grid recognizes that organizational development and change leadership is important work that requires expertise, practice, and an unwavering growth mindset. This applies to our clients, as well as to our Blue Grid team.


At Blue Grid, we bring into client engagements the full and rich insight that comes from our different experiences, skills, and identities. Our OD & Change consultants have worked as HR practitioners, diversity, equity & inclusion strategists, communication specialists, employment attorneys, operations executives, project managers, and certified coaches. We celebrate our unique contributions and humanity, we seek to learn from each others' perspectives, and we rejoice in lifting each other up every chance we get.

We examine organization problems with rigor, and we take pride in turning insightful observations into concrete solutions and measurable progress. Our people-centricity shapes everything we do for our clients and for each other.


We engage with authenticity in all our interactions. We feel there is something special, joyful, and inspiring about our team, and we wish to leave some of that vibe with the organizations and people we work with. We honor this calling by reflecting deeply, working hard, and laughing often. We would not have it any other way.

These are our shared values.

We are Blue Grid.


"You helped us uncover key issues in our group, and  address them thoughtfully. Not anticipating them would have really complicated our reorganization. Steering us away from that potential disaster, with care and diplomacy, was a game changer for us. Many of us were relieved, and we grew from the experience."

- Contract Compliance Leader

“Rafael is smart, compassionate, thoughtful, caring and he always want to do the right thing with our transformation projects.  His support is helping our leaders become the kind that people here want to work hard for everyday ..."

- Information Technology Executive

"Your genuine commitment to embedding DEI into our strategic initiatives and change plans is noticed and greatly appreciated. Rafael and his team are a humanizing force for us ..."

- Development Strategy Executive

"Thank you for your partnership and for being a great advisor. It's rare to meet someone who is able to truly look at all perspectives from different angles and do it with grace, balance, and empathy on top of that. Your partnership style made a profound impact on many of us as change leaders ..."

- Digital Payments Executive

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